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  • Breast cancer: breast cancer during pregnancy

    It can be more difficult for people to notice signs and symptoms of breast cancer during pregnancy. This is because the breasts normally swell and become tender as milk ducts grow and stretch during pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy cause the breasts to change. Pregnant women should not take small lumps lightly and conclude they are pregnancy-related. They could be the beginnings of cancer. If ignored, there  Read More

  • Breast cancer: breast cancer in young women

    Breast cancer in young women can have different symptoms and they may vary for different people. In certain cases, there won't be any signs at all. The most common symptom is the formation of a lump in your breast or armpit. Skin changes: The skin around the breast and nipple area may change unusually. Pain: People affected by breast cancer may notice pain in the breast area or nipple. Some may cause a prickl  Read More