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  • Bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma)

    Signs of bile duct cancer include: Yellow skin or eyes (jaundice) Pain in your belly or sides Upset stomach and vomiting Fever Loss of appetite or weight loss Weakness Itching Light-colored stools Dark urine  Read More

  • Brain cancer

    What is brain cancer? Brain cancer is a disease of the brain in which cancer cells (malignant cells) arise in the brain tissue. Cancer cells grow to form a mass of cancer tissue (tumor) that interferes with brain functions such as muscle control, sensation, memory, and other normal body functions. Tumors composed of cancer cells are called malignant tumors, and those composed of mainly noncancerous cells are called benign tumors. Cance  Read More

  • Drash syndrome

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  • Nocardiosis

    Nocardiosis is a disease caused by bacteria in soil and water. It most frequently affects those who have compromised immune systems and have trouble fighting off infections, such as cancer patients or those on specific drugs like steroids. The risk factor for nocardiosis is more in people/patients whose immunity is compromised, mainly those with defects which are cell-mediated. Examples of such diseases / immunocomprom  Read More

  • Prolactinoma (pituitary tumor)

    Large pituitary tumors — those measuring about 1 centimeter (slightly less than a half-inch) or larger — are known as macroadenomas. Smaller tumors are called microadenomas. Because of the size of macroadenomas, they can put pressure on the normal pituitary gland and nearby structures. Signs and symptoms related to tumor pressure Signs and symptoms of pressure from a pituitary tumor may include: Heada  Read More

  • Rts -- rothmund thomson syndrome

    RTS - Rothmund-Thomson syndrome is a rare disorder that affects the skin and mucous membranes, including the mouth and gums. Affected individuals have a weakened immune system, which causes them to be more susceptible to infections. The condition is often associated with eczema, thrush, or cold sores. RTS can also cause abnormal hair growth in areas such as the scalp, face, and tongue. If a person has  Read More

  • Spinal chordoma

    There are some risk factors for spinal chordoma: You're more likely to get a spinal chordoma if you have multiple family members with the condition or if you have certain genetic changes. If you've had radiation treatment to your head or neck for another reason, you may be at higher risk than others. Family history of cancer. If you have a family history of cancer and you're diagnosed with spinal chordoma, it  Read More